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Parkour California
THE Parkour resource for California.
We are everywhere:
- Los Angeles
- San Diego
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- Stockton
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- Central Valley

and all over the rest of this great state!
Leave No Trace - Escondido, San Diego |printer friendly

As part of the "Leave No Trace" initiative started by Animus at PKNA, the traceurs in Escondido (in North County San Diego) have stepped up to clean up. On May 1st, a cleanup takes place before their normal training session. We all want to leave places cleaner than how we found them. Hats off to the traceurs in Escondido for taking initiative. Hopefully we'll see more people stepping up to help clean up.
Posted by: cak010 on Wednesday 28 April 2010 | Comments are turned off for this item

Happy Earth Day! |printer friendly
Happy Earth Day everyone! As traceurs, we try to take it upon ourselves to respect our planet and do what we can to benefit it. After all, it's Earth that provides us with our training ground. So take the time to learn a bit about Earth Day and do something to benefit this beautiful world. Maybe start a "Leave No Trace" Session.
Have fun, be safe, and GO TRAIN!
Posted by: cak010 on Thursday 22 April 2010 | Comments are turned off for this item

Are you training? |printer friendly
So we have passed the New Year buzz and are well into 2010 now. If you haven't already, it's time to get focused again and training more regularly. If you want, keep a Training Blog to track your workouts and also for others to see and get ideas on ways to vary their own training.
Also, start re-using old No Excuse Workouts, as well as the House of Cards and No Stairs Penalty ideas.
Have fun, be safe, and GO TRAIN!
Posted by: cak010 on Thursday 04 February 2010 | Comments are turned off for this item

Creative Strengthening |printer friendly
We are always looking for new, fun ways to strengthen. Thanks to PKCali member Ty (aka Beast) for sharing this great exercise that builds strength in our fingers, hands, and forearms with the help of a sheet of newspaper. Check out the exercise -->here<--.
Posted by: cak010 on Monday 02 November 2009 | Comments are turned off for this item

NorCal to SoCal Gathering Weekend |printer friendly
With some NorCal traceurs taking a trip to SoCal, the opportunity is being used to make a weekend of training, playing, and all sorts of fun. It's gonna be a blast so try to come out if you can. Everyone is invited! Check out the thread for details -->here<--.
Posted by: cak010 on Wednesday 30 September 2009 | Comments are turned off for this item

Autumn training! |printer friendly
The summer has ended and so arrives autumn. As many of you are returning from vacations, settling back into routines, and/or starting a new school year, make sure to continue to train. Fit it into your schedules one way or another. Be creative. It doesn't need to be a full day event. Little bits here and there make a difference. Also, revisit some of the past No Excuse Workouts as well as the No Stairs Penalty and House of Cards Wourkout. And if you come up with other ways to train, post up some ideas for others to benefit.
Posted by: cak010 on Wednesday 23 September 2009 | Comments are turned off for this item

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Hey Jakob.

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sup tay

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cak010 on 12 Jan 16 : 15:54
The good ol' days. Time to do the chatbox challenge.

Lonnie on 02 Oct 15 : 18:04
Long time no see guys! I miss these forums! :(

-Dev- on 16 Nov 14 : 14:06
Cliff, I totally agree. I'm on it.

Hi Taylor.

Gabriel_gt on 27 Aug 14 : 17:19
I'm trying to start a pk session in stockton.. Check the TBD sessions under stockton for more info

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Dev! I was just thinking about you the other day.
Skyfire - I met your lady at UCLA not too long ago!
We should have a reunion meetup!

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