News Item: PK United to bring Parkour to Uganda - Please donate! (now tax-deductible)
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Friday 30 September 2011

Please help some PKCali members (Cliff Kravit, Jordan Warrick, Kerris Seward, and Adam Ticknor - in collaboration with the non-profit organization "Not Man Apart") in their charity trip to Uganda. Caleb's Hope charity has partnered up with PKCali to form the PK United project.
PK United works with children across the globe who are deemed 'high risk' and dealing with many obstacles in their young lives. This program will launch in Northern Uganda, an area where the children and youth have been deeply impacted by conflict with rebels in the region. Parkour will not only help them heal, but its altruistic philosophies give them the discipline to overcome any obstacle, keeping thems safe, and believing in their abilities as individuals and a community to be great.

Please show your support for this amazing cause by donating. A lot of funds are required to make this program possible and date of departure is November 29th (for two weeks). Please help us make it happen. Go to for more info and to donate. Any size donation, small or large, is greatly appreciated. Every little bit counts. And please spread the word. Thanks! And now ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE! :-)
PKUnited: Web Page - Facebook page - Twitter page - Discussion Thread

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